Nothings left,
but this aching pain.
A stillness within,
always appears.
Aged, forgotten,
the mind slips away.
Things feel like,
they will never be the same.
A rock hits me,
my internal begin to fray.
Separation from myself,
nothing feels right.
Myself, from within,
doesn’t have sight.

Written by: Caleb Cameron + Keegan Williams


Pulled, pinched,
The edge of my being,
picked at, occasionally ripped at.
I’ve broken my bones many times,
snapped, separated.
Falling down upon myself.
A slither of glass, fracturing
splitting off.
I am no longer.
only a whisper
upon the surface.
Broken again and again.
Nothing left each time.
but yet enough for next time.
People smash, falling
back, back, back.
I linger for a while,
voices echo,
flickering, bouncing,
reverberating in the room.
The world is filled with hard edges,
but sometimes things soften,
only for a time, but time nonetheless.
Sadly my fate is misaligned
and I fracture again
becoming less, less, less.

Written by: Caleb Cameron

Written by: Caleb Cameron + Keegan Williams - Photography by: Caleb Cameron - Modelling by: Juele Pagan